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Age Guidelines

All performers must submit their age and birth date upon registration.

Solos will be categorized as the age each performer is on the first day of the competition.

Duos, trios and groups will be grouped based on each performer's age as of the 1st of January. The average age of each entry will be taken and any decimal will be dropped.

Contestants are responsible for proof of age to the competition directors if a question arises.

Duo and trios cannot compete in an age group any lower than one bracket below the oldest dancer's age group regardless of the group's average age.


Overall Age Brackets        Overall Age 
Mini   8 Years & under
Junior   9 - 12 years
Teens   13 - 15 years
Senior   16 - 19 years
Adult   20 years & over

Age Categories
4 & under
5 years
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
10 years
11 years
12 years
13 years
14 years
15 years
16 years
17 years
18 years
19 years
20 - 29 years
30 - 59 years
60 years & over