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EPC Dance Competition Rules For Nationals
In order to qualify for Nationals, you must receive a minimum of a Gold rating at an EPC Regional competition. If you have not pre-qualified, you may compete at preliminaries on the first day of Nationals.  
Substitutes are allowed in duos, trios and all groups. The groups must be made up of at least 50% of the original group who competed at Regionals. Age will be re-calculated based on the new group.  
In order to enter the Title competition, soloists must receive a minimum of a Platinum at an EPC or Excel in Motion Regional event from the current season. Titleists do not have to compete in a group to do the Title competition, but Junior and Senior Titleists can only qualify to be an Elite Dancer if they are in a group dance.  
Category, age, and style rules remain the same as a Regional competition.