Awards & High Score Divisions

Adjudicated Awards

All solos and duo/trios receive a trophy and all groups receive a medal for their adjudicated awards.

Please let us know if you would like to donate your adjudicated awards.

The cost of your adjudicated awards can be donated to the following charitable organizations:

List of Charitable Organizations

Overall Awards

Awards listed below are for all competitive overall age divisions: Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen, Senior, Adult

Competitive routines with a minimum amount of 5 or more entries in their category will receive a gift certificate.

Competitive Solos $50 Gift Certificate

Competitive Duo/Trio $50 Gift Certificate

Competitive Small Groups $100 Gift Certificate

Competitive Large Groups $100 Gift Certificate

Competitive Super/Line/Productions $200 Gift Certificate

Overall Age Divisionss

  • Mini 6 years & under
  • Petite 7 - 9 years
  • Junior 10 - 12 years
  • Teens 13 - 15 years
  • Senior 16 - 19 years
  • Adult 20 years & over

Specialty Awards Tournament

Judges' Awards will be handed out for outstanding work at each regional. The dances in the following categories are entered into a tournament.

  • Elite Technician Award
  • Elite Costume Award
  • Elite Entertainment Award
  • Elite Partnering Award
  • Elite Concept Award
  • Elite Choreography Award

The overall winners will be announced at the Grand Championship Showcase at Nationals.

EPC Partner


Elite Performance Challenge partners with DanceBUG to offer a state of the art competition experience. The adjudicators' comments will be collected by DanceBUG and each studio will receive a copy of all of their performances via email from DanceBUG with the adjudicators' comments.

Go to their website for more information:   Visit DanceBUG