Elite Dancer Rules & Requirements

Elite Dancer Qualification: Official Rules

The Elite Dancer Program stems from our partnership with the Excel in Motion Dance Convention. Elite Dancers earn the opportunity to assist master teachers on stage during the Excel tour following the year that they qualify. Depending on the city, Elite Dancers will assist choreographers during 1-2 classes a day allowing assistants to take the rest of the classes and workshops offered at Excel. Elite Dancers receive a scholarship. At select locations, Elite Dancers will work with a choreographer to learn a piece that will be showcased at the Exhibition Show on Saturday evening of the convention. Select students will be asked to perform their top-ranked solo.

Elite Dancer Requirements:

  • Must compete at an Elite Performance Challenge or Excel in Motion Event.
  • Must be Teen (13-15 yrs) or Senior (16-19 yrs).
  • Must earn an Elite Platinum Ranking in the competitive category.
  • Must rank in the top three dancers overall. If any of the top 3 dancers have already qualified for Elite Dancer at another event or they do not meet the requirements, the Elite Dancer Scholarship will be given to the next eligible competitor.
  • In addition to a solo, qualifiers must compete in at least one group routine affiliated with a studio.
  • Elite Dancers must qualify each year for the following Excel in Motion Tour.

2024 Elite Dancers

Ariyanna McDaniel
Addison McPherson
Cecelia Rietz
Gisele Kawa
Lily Gurung
Parker Lewis
Caroline Garside
Tessa Cavallini
Lucy Cavallini
Jada Coughline
Jillian D'Amico
Paige Bordeau
Abby Fowlie
Allison Bahringer
Ariella Varano
Amelia Gonzales
Sade Szczepaniak
Tatum Desouza
Veronica Maksymenko
Hannah Landman
Emily Stankowski
Taelyn Albrecht
Isaiah Ubides
Sophie Gonzales
Olivia Montemayor
Neve Taslakov
Chloe Alsback
Kiyana Aleshire
Kylee Barnes
Allie Besing
Charlee Brockett
Julia Bianchin
Ava Campbell
Samantha Capriotti
Kayla Perkins
Kendall Deshong
Madison Slaybaugh
Jordyn Theriault
Natalie Barbera
Sophia Cesario
Juliet Clark
Molly Collins
Isabella Fasano
Sofia Emerick
Carly Glazer
Brianna Ronalter
Dylan Stukenberg
Maxwell Powell
Miranda Powell
Mackenzie Ballew
Natalia Yun
Aubrey Cornman
Madison Oh
Peyton Engstrom
Breanna Stielau
Juliana Gorman
Shayla Crosby
Madison Hartsook
Kaylee Deenihan
Kaylin Salvatici
Lily Guthrie
Luke Dixon
Emily Fusco
Kate O'Toole
Jasmine Teng
Ali Falotico
Sydney Lynch
Addison Scully
Maeve Jones
Stephanie Tran
Lance Lemon
Gregory Moreno
Vallie Bulow
Ava Ardizzi
Alexis Fleck

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