Performance Styles & Descriptions

  • Acrobatic Dance
    A routine using acro moves such as front/back walkovers, handstands, front/back handsprings, rolls, etc. The routine must contain at least 40% dance choreography and should have a substantial amount of acrobatic moves. May also contain flexibility and/or contortionist components.
  • Ballet
    Routine must demonstrate classical ballet technique. It should include classical steps and movements. No pointe shoes allowed. No acro tricks allowed.
  • Baton
    A routine choreographed using baton(s) as a prop. The routine should consist of both dance choreography and baton technique.
  • Character Routine
    A routine depicting a recognizable character. Character may be from sources such as a play, movie, Broadway, or use a character stereotype. Should incorporate acting and dancing. May contain acro tricks.
  • Cheerleading
    A routine consisting of sharp cheerleading movements, formations, and/or stunting. Stunts may not be taller than one person in the air. Basket tosses are permitted but you must take into consideration the height of the performance location. Acro is also allowed. Only groups are eligible.
  • Clogging
    A routine consisting of traditional and/or contemporary style clogging. No acro tricks allowed.
  • Contemporary
    A routine consisting of Jazz and Lyrical elements with Modern technique.
  • Folkloric
    A routine consisting of ethnic dance styles, such as Bellydance, Hawaiian, Flamenco, Irish, Russian, etc.
  • Hip Hop
    Routine consisting mainly of Hip Hop moves. May include breakdancing and/or acro tricks. The music must not contain inappropriate lyrics or a 0.5 penalty will be deducted per judge.
  • Jazz
    Routine must consist of mostly Jazz moves and technique. Rolls are allowed in addition to THREE other acro tricks. An acro pass is considered one trick.
  • Lyrical
    A routine consisting of Jazz and Ballet technique and uses the mood of the music to incorporate storytelling.
  • Modern
    A routine consisting of Modern technique with an emphasis on breathing, balance, and interaction with the floor.
  • Musical Theater
    Routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song from a Broadway show or movie musical.
  • Open
    Any of our listed categories or combinations of listed category styles. May contain acro.
  • Pointe
    Routine must consist of pointe technique. No acro tricks allowed.
  • Song & Dance
    Must contain both singing and dancing. There may not be lead voices anywhere in the music. If there are pre-recorded voices, the entry will become "Adjudication Only" where they will not be eligible for overall awards, but will receive no point penalties in their scores. All performers will be judged on both singing and dancing. Three handheld microphones will be available to use at the competition.
  • Tap
    A routine consisting of tap technique and moves. Tap sounds may not be pre-recorded in the music. If there are pre-recorded sounds, the entry will become "Adjudication Only" where they will not be eligible for overall awards, but will receive no point penalties in their scores. No "acro" tricks allowed.